Sunday, October 4, 2009

Twinkies never say die

As a former resident of the lovely (and occasionally very cold) state of Minnesota, I've always had a soft spot for the Minnesota Twins and not just because I was living in St. Paul for both of their World Series victories. As a result, I've been quietly cheering them on from here on the East Coast as they made an improbable run to catch the Detroit Tigers in the American League Central race for the post-season. Now, they've done it, entering a tie with the Tigers with one game to go in the season. This is what end of the regular season baseball should be like -- a nail-biting "who wants it more" pennant race.

Believe me, I decided long ago that I was willing to accept the Wild Card addition to the baseball post-season. Hell, the Red Sox have feasted off the Wild Card and won the 2004 World Series thanks to it. But a true pennant race like the one going on between the Twins and the Tigers? That just can't be beat.

Go Twinkies!

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