Friday, December 4, 2009

Trekkies under the tree

For those of you with Star Trek geeks in your family, allow me to point the way to some Christmas gifts for your consideration...

Star Trek cologne, including Tiberius for that overacting male with a bad toupee in your life and Pon Farr for that lovely lady who wants to add some zip more often than once every seven years

The Star Trek Spork, because they don't allow Swiss Army knives at Starfleet Academy

A Live Long and Prosper foam hand, for when you have some fine motor control issues at the ball game

Your own Interactive Tribble but remember...they don't like Klingons and breed like, well, tribbles

An Enterprise Bottle Opener (insert your own Romulan ale joke here)

And finally...Red Shirt Star Trek Cologne and your very own Red Shirt clearly defining your role in the Star Trek universe because the future is coming but you're not going to live to see it.


Jennifer said...

That's right, Ladies.....


C, G & L said...

How strange-I didn't see a listing for a hat with a flashing neon sign "GEEK."