Thursday, February 11, 2010

Late Late

OK, I'm hooked. Craig Ferguson is the funniest guy on late night TV. I mean he's seriously funny, not just funny relative to that bland stiff Leno. Who else can have you laughing silly as he talks about moral philosophy and Kierkegaard with Claire Danes? Or try a Greek Chorus gig that has him laughing so hard he almost can't continue. The fact that his show has the best opening song doesn't hurt. Plus, he gets bonus points for writing and starring in the hilarious Saving Grace, one of our favorite "we need a good hard laugh" movies. Ferguson has joined Twitter almost makes me want to sign up just to see what he says.

It makes the extra expense of the DVR worth it because he's on too late to watch on work nights.

1 comment:

Andreas said...

Craig Ferguson rules the airwaves! Were it not that the censors would shut him down in prime time, he could easily trump Leno. I find a day starts off wonderfully with several cups of coffee and a pre-recorded Craig :-)