Sunday, September 14, 2008


OK, I'm officially getting twitchy about the election. The Palin/McCain "Holier than Thou" Tour is gaining momentum and time is running out.

Thankfully, some members of the press are starting to wake up to the fact that Palin's experience and bio is a tissue of exaggerations, fabrications, and outright lies. Forget about the "Bridge to Nowhere." Did you hear that the McCain/Palin Campaign had to admit that, well, no, she didn't actually go into Iraq on her life-changing trip. She visited a border checkpoint. But it's OK, because the checkpoint technically was the the Iraq side of the border. Same way her refueling stop turned into a "visit to Ireland". Ugh.

Don't even get me started on the crapola about international experience because you can see Russia from one of Alaska's outlying islands. As John Dickerson at Slate put it, "This is a travel tip, not an argument for foreign-policy expertise. Because a person can see the moon does not make them qualified to be an astronaut."

Hopefully - and I know I might be asking a lot here - American voters won't buy into this load of steaming Bantha poodoo (that's a message to all you Star Wars fanatics - it's time to take off your stormtrooper costumes and vote against the Dark Side in November! I'll be right there beside you.) But like I said, given the current poll numbers, it's sadly asking a lot.

While I'm feeling a bit better about the ads that the Obama campaign is starting to run that hit back harder, I am still nervous and it's because of one major thing:

Barack Obama is being too damn polite!

I'm not asking for him to lie. I'm not asking for him to smear. What I am asking is for him to stop sounding like a professor and sound like someone who is watching a vicious, nasty, blackhearted creature eat away at his character, his mission, and his chance to truly make a change.

I don't want to hear him compliment his rivals anymore. When have they complimented him in anyway that wasn't actually a subtle (or not-so-subtle) slap?

I don't want to hear him say to George Stephanopolous, when asked about responding to and rebutting the false claims made at the Republican National Convention, say that it's the media's job to review and report on this. Give them something to work with, man!

Last week, Obama and his wife were called "uppity" by Representative Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA). Where's the outrage? How does this yahoo get away with it after only an "aw shucks, I didn't know it was racist" reply that absolutely no one believes? How does this clearly racial slur not become a rallying point for outraged people around the country? If a Democrat had said something equivalent about the Palins...oh, perhaps that they're religious fanatics...the Right and FOX News would be screaming bloody murder. And what do we get from Obama, when Keith Olbermann gave the chance to respond to this clearly racist and vicious slur?

"I am confident that, the American people, once the dust is settled, will ask themselves, do we really want to do the same thing we've been doing for the last eight years, or do we want something new?"

What the hell does that mean?! Millions of Democrats are waiting to see him get righteous, not talk about "when the dust settles"!

In his acceptance speech in Denver, the line he hit the hardest was when he blasted the Republicans and their behavior with the simple, powerful statement of "Enough". But that simple declarative is apparently on hiatus and if it isn't resurrected soon and with sufficient force and power and outrage, the Professor and Senator Biden will be left watching a man who has junked his honor and sold his integrity along with his soul taking the oath of office as president alongside a vice president who terrifies me with her profound lack of competence for the job, her close-mindedness, her lack of curiosity about the world, and her rabid intolerance for beliefs other than her own.

It's not McCain who is the next 4 years of George W. Bush, it's Palin who has the potential to be even worse. And Barack Obama needs to let it be heard around this nation that such a result will not stand and that when it comes to lies, smears, and the politics of fear, that he and we have had ENOUGH.

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