Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rhapsodic Return

After a week of radio silence along with a trip to Chicago and 72 hours in bed trying to kick a hellacious cold that has left me largely voice-free, I'm getting back in the saddle (briefly) here before my stamina vanishes.

Of course, there's much to write about - some music and book commentary, politics, etc. - and I'm looking forward to it. But first, have you seen this commercial for the Rhapsody online music service? While I haven't watched much TV over the last week or so, every time I turn it on, this commercial shows up.

It's awful. Why on Earth would I associate hurling myself off a building with "music without limits"? I kept wondering what would happen if she missed the bubble she was aiming for - broken bones without limits? Where's the ubiquitous legal disclaimer - "Rhapsody does not advocate leaping off skyscrapers as a viable method of listening to music"? And isn't the use of a bubble, which by its very nature creates a border around something, setting limits? If the purpose of the ad is to generate conversation, derisive though it may be, I guess it worked. If it's to leave a last, positive impression of the company or service and give you an understanding of what it does and why you want it...not so much.

It's like a company I used to work for that briefly toyed with the slogan: "We just don't stop." It's a crappy slogan and didn't last long but I always enjoyed the fact that the phrase was immediately proven wrong by the period that brought a screeching halt to the sentence that vowed never to stop.

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