Friday, October 31, 2008

Quick Thoughts

I'm on a business trip so not much time to blog lately. However, I've got a bit of a break now so thought I'd throw some quick nuggets out there.

According to some reports, 1 in 7 people are still undecided with regard to the President election. What are these people waiting for? One of the candidates to come to their house and provide sexual favors? Maybe we'll get lucky and they won't be able to decide if they should vote at all next Tuesday.

I watched the Obama-mercial on Wednesday night and actually thought it was pretty good. Light on the details and designed to tug at the Norman Rockwell heartstrings by way of The Grapes of Wrath but certainly watchable.

Apparently 33+ million people watched that ad. I heard that afterward an NBC executive joked that they were going to ask Obama to become part of their regular Wednesday night lineup thanks to the ratings.

Have you heard about Elizabeth Dole's "Godless" ads that she is now running against Kay Hagan, the challenger to Dole's Senate seat? The first one was quite vile and yet apparently warranted a sequel. Yes, children, it's don't have to believe in God to be the target of religious bigotry. So if anyone asks, Jesse Helms apparently isn't dead. His spirit at least is alive and well in Liddy Dole.

On the flip side, apparently Dole has fallen farther behind Hagan since airing the ads so maybe there is a God after all.

Gary Trudeau, creator of "Doonesbury", is assuming Obama wins and has already written next week's sequence of comic strips focusing on the reaction to that event. There are apparently no alternative strips illustrating a McCain victory.

Please let California voters show enough sense to ban the proposed amendment to California's Constitution banning gay marriage.

I'm in Ft. Lauderdale for the International Boat Show and it's cloudy, windy, and cool. Ah, Florida...respite from autumn in New England. OK, not really.

Once again, I'm missing Halloween at home. While entertaining, waitresses dressed up as Supergirl and Elvira don't quite live up to the "little kids in costumes" standard for a wholesome Halloween (that's the legally mandated "married guy traveling on Halloween" disclaimer).

And finally...only 14 days until Quantum of Solace hits the theatres! Buy your tickets now and start standing in line. Woo hoo!!!

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