Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Name that tune...and what does it mean?

I inadvertently stumbled across a really cool website today:

While searching for some information about singer/songwriter Marc Cohn, this site popped up with all sorts of tidbits about the fantastic song, "Walking in Memphis." This is a perfect site for those of us who often love to listen to music but don't often delve deep into the lyrics (books, news, and movies, ye; lyrics, not always so much). For example, it took a me a few years to realize that a CD a former girlfriend gave me was by a evangelical Christian though not too terribly overt about it (the fact that she was Pentecostal Baptist and was worried if I was saved or not should have been a tipoff). For me, I just liked the music and wasn't paying much attention to the words. Not that it would have stopped me from listening to it but it would have explained the many odd looks I have received from friends and relatives who heard me -- a devout non-churchgoer -- play it.

Well, now I have a resource at hand so watch out...I'm now armed with more trivia about Memphis than anyone really ought to have.

PS - For those X-Philes out there, "Walking in Memphis" is the song sung by Cher (but played by an impersonator) at the conclusion of the brilliant Season 5 episode, "Post-Modern Prometheus". Now I knew that without having to go to!

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