Monday, January 12, 2009

Sex humor for NPR listeners

The writers for "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me" proved yet again that they are at the top of their game with topical humor and current events as they poked fun at the U.S. porn industry, led by Larry Flynt and the creator of "Girls Gone Wild", for seeking a $5 billion financial bailout from Congress, noting that to help U.S. citizens understand the financial crisis, the money could be used to fund educational films like:
  • "Bear Naked Stearns"
  • "The AIG-spot"
  • "The Stimulus Package"
Plus, host Peter Sagal pointed out that with the bailout package, members of Congress would all receive premium memberships at any porn site they would like.

Conveniently, President-elect Obama is pushing for increased investment in broadband Internet access across the United States so it would be a synergistic arrangement really because, after all, who want to watch Internet porn using a dial-up connection?

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