Monday, June 8, 2009

Another great bit of humor spurred on by the iPhone

A few weeks ago, I came across this terrifically funny spoof of the iPhone TV commercials. Now, in today's New York Times "Week in Review" section, there's a biting send-up of the weekly full-page iPhone print ads highlighting the cool products that are available, only this time, the ad was for the iPanic, "Helping you deal with the loss of your life savings, one app at a time".

As a recent convert to the cult of iPhone-ism, I've been so trained by the Apple ads to just go right to the apps in their print ads to see what's there that's new and cool. And so it was with the iPanic ad. I'd already read the description of "4merly Hot" and wondered why someone would need an app to connect formerly wealthy singles with other formely wealthy singles who want to pretend that they're still rich when I realized I'd been snookered. If you take a look, make sure to check out the artwork for the app icons. It's every bit as funny and disturbing as the faux apps themselves.

I'm just going to hope I never need to download one of these.

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