Thursday, June 11, 2009

Delayed gratification

***Garden Update***

Nothing we planted or moved a few weeks ago appears to have died yet! Woo hoo!

Not only that, but the on-again, off-again rain has been absolutely brilliant, saving us from having to water and ensuring that everything is sufficiently moist to settle in and hopefully thrive.

Sure, there was the gratification at the end of Memorial Day Weekend as we stood by the gardens, aching. We'd done a ton of work and were largely finished. However, the real gratification is really beginning to happen now. The azalea out front exploded with white flowers (nary a green leaf in sight), the transplanted astilbes are settling in and sending up their stalks in preparation for some serious color, and the irises are all in bloom.

Jennifer is very big into irises. The birdbath was my choice.

OK, I'm getting into the irises, too

Plus, our backyard takes the prize again for apparently being an absolutely ideal spot for clematis of all shapes and colors.

Sedum, clematis, heather, and decorative grasses make our shed look like it belongs there

Clematis blooms bigger than my hand are spilling across the trellis in the corner

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