Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sports Musings

Just a quick post of some random thoughts on happenings and around sports...

In a big game situation, I loved to see Curt "Bloody Sock" Schilling on the mound but does that really make him qualified to run for senator?

OK, maybe it's legally feasible but did anyone at the Washington Redskins stop to think that it might be a PR nightmare to sue a 72-year old woman and 45-year long season ticket holder into bankruptcy over her season ticket contract after she lost her job and was living on $400 a month in Social Security?

No one can tell me that it's as hard to pitch in the National League as it is in the American League. John Smoltz, who went 2-5 with a 8.32 ERA while pitching for the Red Sox against the likes of the Yankees and Angels, suddenly looks like a Hall of Famer again after moving to the Cardinals. Brad Penny, who could barely get anyone out the second half of the season for the Red Sox, immediately looked like the second coming of Cy Young after shifting to the San Francisco Giants. I have trouble believing that it's all a matter of feet slipping off the pitching rubber but no one noticing (Smoltz) and an overuse of his fastball (Penny). Something tells me that BoSox pitching coach John Farrell and catcher Jason Varitek would have spotted these things.

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