Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Words fail me.

Just how totally incompetent is the Democratic Party? Is Martha Coakley the standard bearer for this "we can't get out of our own way" party?

Ted Kennedy's seat...what you would have thought was just about the surest win ever for a Democrat even in this age of Tea Partiers and Sarah Palin and Coakley manages to lose it, the national party wasn't paying attention and the White House tries to ride to the rescue far too late in the face of growing public dissent regarding Democratic policies.

Just disgusting. What a waste.

Frankly, I loathe Karl Rove and all he stands for but you do have to admire how he kept the Republican party in line for six years, even if it was done with a nail-studded jackboot on their throats.

I can't believe I just said anything positive about Karl Rove.

It's evidence of just how foul a taste the Democratic ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory has left in my mouth.


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Gitana said...

I couldn't say it better myself. It's disappointing to the point of being absolutely disgusting. This is no way to carry on Kennedy's legacy. What the heck is this party doing anyway?! Could you write a blog that tells us how the Democratic Party got so gutless and ineffective?