Saturday, January 4, 2020

I'm a writer and I have an addiction

It’s amazing how you can fall into patterns that aren’t recognizable when you’re writing disconnected chapters over the space of a year or so. It’s only when you see the whole thing from front to back (and new eyes look at it as well) that you discover an unfortunate tendency to over-adverbalize (I’m a writer, I can make up words, so no snarky comments) leading to the Great Adverbial Purge of 2019 (aka Adverbaggedon, Adverbnarok, etc.). 

Also, without realizing it, I discovered that I had a previously undiagnosed addiction to certain words and phrases, resulting in some unintentionally excessive use of such words as trot, chuckle, “cocked an eyebrow”, barked, snapped, snarled, and sneered. 

So, after a heavy duty copy edit and revisions, I'm happy to say that my novel no longer has the trots, among other things.

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