Wednesday, January 8, 2020

What's in a Name?

As I prepare to start the process of finding an agent and getting this labor of love published, I really started to think about with this novel, its sequels, and the quartet were to be called. LADY OF FIRE (the original name) and LADY OF FLAMES (the first tweak) were just working titles but, as some of my beta readers pointed out, they also sounded like the titles of romance novels, which was not the impression I want to give in my pitch to agents. 

So, after some midnight brainstorming with my lovely wife, I’ve settled on the new name for the book, its three sequels, and the quartet as a whole:

CIRCLE’S CALL, together with VEIL’S GATE, SILVER’S FALL, and HOPE’S RISE, comprise THE PINNACLE OF STORMS QUARTET. The books will follow the pursuit of the Periapt, the rise of the Circle of Ranachen, and the growth of Aemon’s powers along with key events 50, 400, and 2,000 years in the past.

Of course, if (when! Need think positively!) the book is selected for publication, all bets are off on the name, as I expect publishers have rooms full of clever people who just work on crafting exciting titles. However, the romance novel confusion has hopefully been put to rest for now.

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