Saturday, July 25, 2009

Endorsement by the Almighty

Driving through the next town over earlier today, I noticed a moderately impressive sign by the entrance to a local church. In very large letters it read "Vinyl Roofing by Top Choice" (name changed to protect the innocent). As I passed the sign, I glanced down the driveway leading to the church's parking lot and saw another, even larger sign saying the same thing and planted directly next to the building's doors for all the worshippers to see as they entered.

Two thoughts flashed through my head as I drove by. First, I'd never seen a church so prominently promote the provider of good and services like that. However, as a non-profit, if doing so got them a deal on a new roof, more power to them. However, it was the second thought that spurred on a whole host of thoughts that would have seen my hands rapped by the nuns if I'd gone to a Catholic school. Basically, I wanted to just tell "Top Choice" to print a sign saying what they were really promoting: Top Choice: God's Choice for Vinyl Roofing!

That, of course, made me want to see the future Top Choice brochure, chock full of testimonials from other satisfied customers...

"Once we got the new roof from Top Choice, we never had another leak in the temple, even after 40 days of rain!" ~ Yaweh

"Damn, this vinyl roof stands up to even the worst heat." ~ Satan

"Choosing a Top Choice roof ensured balance and harmony in my home for years to come. " ~ Buddha

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