Sunday, July 5, 2009

In the face of intimidation

Wow, just when you thought Sarah Palin couldn't get any more unhinged, she decides to go after reporters and bloggers who report on rumors that have been swirling around Alaska for months. Really, it's a brilliant tactical move to take a shot at quashing free speech and cowing the media on Independence Day. The named target of her ire? Blogger and Huffington Post writer Shannyn Moore (aka "A Girl from Homer"). Kudos to Ms. Moore for calling out the Barracuda (or as Ms. Moore calls her, "a coward and a bully") today by making a prepared statement while standing outside the Alaskan Governor's office.

Fellow HuffPost contributor AKMuckraker offers this excellent look at exactly what the coward and bully is overreacting to and why it just makes her look even more ridiculous. I still fail to understand how anyone can consider Sarah "I'm not a quitter which is why I'm quitting" Palin a viable national candidate.

Maybe she's just operating on an entirely different level from the rest of us, like we're beginners at the game and she's a chess grandmaster, plotting out an intricate and brilliant plan that's looking 30 steps ahead. It could just be some bizarro political performance art (maybe the cheesy Runner's World photo spread is part of the performance). Or she really could just be a thin-skinned zealot receiving bad political advice from the First Dude, I suppose. Whatever the case, I'll never forgive John McCain for inflicting her on us. And based on Todd Purdum's crushing article in Vanity Fair, McCain might never forgive himself either.

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