Saturday, August 15, 2009

Avoiding the next addiction

About a year ago, I started blogging and came to enjoy it a great deal, so much so that I started another blog, 150 Steps, just to follow the trials, travails, and triumphs of our quest to adopt. I'm constantly looking for ideas to blog about, just to stay active, to put some thoughts out there for whoever might want to read them (and comment...please comment!).

Then, a month ago, I joined Facebook. It's definitely been worthwhile, reconnecting with old friends and posting the occasional status updates either from the computer or my iPhone. My most recent status, posted just a short time ago while standing in the vet's office: "Wow, who knew that cats could projectile vomit!" Gripping stuff, I'm telling you.

Still it's a challenge not to spend too much time blogging or Facebooking (has Facebook officially made the leap to verb status, like Googling or Xeroxing?).

Now I have a number of people suggesting I get hooked up with Twitter. I've resisted. While I may eventually have to do so for work, I've thus far avoided it for my personal life. I'm putting enough stuff that most people probably don't give a hoot about out there already. Reading this excellent commentary by Laurel Snyder helped reinforce that belief on my part. I'm hooked on blogging and (sort of) on Facebooking. I don't need to add another addiction.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to leave the virtual world and go clean the very real cat puke off my dashboard and floormats.

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