Monday, August 3, 2009

Marble of Doom

Thankfully, Mac users are usually spared the blue screen of death that so often afflicts PC users. Of course, back in the old days on the Mac, we dreaded the appearance of the sick Mac icon, a harbinger of very bad things (anyone out there have an image of that icon...the one that looks like an old Mac 512 with Xs for eyes and a wobbly mouth?).

Of course, nothing is ever perfect and even Mac OS X has its occasional issues, such as the icon I dubbed "the spinning beach ball of death." Everything is cruising along and suddenly whatever application you're working on decides that it really really really needs to think about what you're asking it to do. Does it violate the program's ethical code of conduct? Is there something else the application really wants to be doing right then? Is the application trying to pick up a hot utility and really can't be bothered at the moment?

Well, for those of you suffering this affliction, there is hope:

The Marble of Doom!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I'd actually prefer the "Blue Screen of Death" or the sick Mac icon to the "Marble of Doom." At least with the BOD you know that you're screwed.

With the MOD - who the heck knows what to expect? It's SOOOOOO annoying!