Friday, March 6, 2009

I think DeMint may be demented

Alright, just so I have this straight...
  1. Republican Senator Jim DeMint wants to ban abortion.

  2. He wants fewer unplanned pregnancies.

  3. And he wants to make contraception more expensive on college campuses, the exact location where women often don't have funds to spare, aren't always fully insured, and are often most likely to experience an unplanned pregnancy that results in them making the decision to have an abortion.
Can someone please tell me how that makes sense?

Here's the deal -- the 2009 Appropriations Bill that passed the House and is hung up in the Senate includes a provision to restore college health centers and other health clinics (including many Planned Parenthood offices) to the discount drug pricing program. It doesn't cost the government ANYTHING. It's not a spending provision. It simply undoes a move by the Bush administration two years ago to exclude college health centers from the program. Conveniently for "Abstinence Only George", contraceptives are the #1 drug dispensed in those clinic. As a result, prescriptions jumped from $5 to $50 per month since the exclusion took place.

Now, Jim "Don't ask me to make sense" DeMint wants to strip the restorative language from the bill and keep the costs high, thereby increasing the risks of unplanned pregnancies, and increasing the potential for the abortions he loathes so much.

Take two minutes to find out more and call or e-mail your congressmen and women to tell them to stuff DeMint's Amendment 649 to the 2009 Appropriations Bill where it belongs. I'm all for bipartisanship but the Democrats won and they don't need to roll over for crap like this.

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